New boxes for floor fountains

Our range of stainless steel recessed boxes for the realization of the floor level fountains is extended with new models, the requests of our customers are still oriented on the classic cylindrical basket with circular plate, even if the model is more and more requested with square top plate and cube body.
 production box for floor fountains
All baskets are designed to mount nozzles up to 1 “of attack, while the upper plate in stainless steel, has a thickness of 5 mm and incorporates the LED lights that are fixed directly to the bottom. The continuous design work and mass production, has allowed us to further improve the quality of products and at the same time to contain production costs, this allows us to have very affordable prices.
Our fountain boxes are very well designed, robust and easy to install, they can mount different models of our LED spotlights, and can also be customized with your logo.